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Day one

I arrived not knowing anything about android applications, but in summer school i learnt a lot of stuff like different kinds of layouts, i made my first login page,on android using java, of which i find it helpful and productive.

Tiiiizen – Day #1

What a great Tuesday! Entering day #1 by being introduced to the world of Tizen by my mentor Ntobeko Sikithi. He explained the similarities between Tizen and Android. Even though Tizen and Android do share some similarities, they do have a few...

DAY 1 Summer School

I was introduced to my team mates,my mentor and the department ill be in which is help desk. On the first day I went out to see how work is done in the field as well as dropping and collecting parts


So far it is a great working environment that I would like to see myself in one day and immedia definitely seems to be fitting that choice. Awesome day indeed!!!