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Some fun in the office with laughter.


Today started of late as my mentor had a busy morning, during this time I communicated with a few people around the office. It was interesting learning about different people and their job descriptions. I also watched over some of the work that they did.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful to each other. They have a really good friendship bond.

For our seminar session today we had Markus from Geek Patrol. he told us a bit about geek control and shared his knowledge about azure with us. He enlightened us about Share Point and Teams.

I am learning about emails today. The difference between IMAP, POP, and EXCHANGE.  I learned how to use Team viewer and Remote desktop.

I’ve also learned how to set up and email. I’ve seen the geek patrol email filter. I’ve also been to the server room. At first, it was really cold but it was so interesting and with all the questions I wanted to ask I got warm.


Today was really full of information. I really learned a lot that I can use at home and small businesses.


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