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#Summer School / Help-desk & Technical Support

#Day 1

My first day was exciting working with the Geek Patrol side of immedia, though because my first task was I had to opened the physical desktop and troubleshoot what is wrong with it which I liked because I like the Technical side of Information Technology.

I managed to Troubleshoot the problem and fixed it. I was overwhelmed because when I booted the Desktop up, it was working and up and running. My next task was to build a network cable from scratch. This cable was going to be used on the desktop I troubleshooted and run updates for the machine of the internet and get it up to date to the latest software. I installed all the Microsoft Products on the desktop.

I was very happy with my mentor as he took care of me from the morning when I met him, till the end of the day and always checked on me and gave me new tasks to do.

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