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Today started off with a stand-up in Team Citadel. This was a great experience as it broadened my mind with regards to how the daily stand-up is conducted in industry. As I’ve stated in my previous blog, I did practice scrum and have had stand-ups with my peers at University but this was so much different as we practiced it from our own understanding of the theory. It was simple and concise, as the stand-up went on and I watched how Team Citadel flowed through it, all of my fears and anxiety disappeared when it was my turn to speak.

I then moved on to the Commons, where we partook in a cool game, led by Ms Kelly Pringle, which taught us the importance of communication in a team and amongst peers. This was a fun and interactive session which brought the week 6 Summer Schooler’s closer together. Thereafter, I went about with my daily tasks.

After lunch, we were invited to attend a presentation session where all of the teams at immedia showcased the work that they have completed thus far. Their presentations were very impressive and I was truly amazed at the stuff they’ve created!

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