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Now i know how the real word works :-)
Now i’m able to create a chat bot that can have a conversation with a customer
Now i can create a bot that can be linked to any social media platforms
Now i can register to any site that provides with database and be able to pull/access whats in that DB
Now i know how Scrum ,Project Management, Agile works :-)
Now i know other CLOUD PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS that can make life easier (Azure ,Office 365,Slack and others) thanks to(Sanele and James)
Install the TMDbLib NuGet package into my Bot Project – which allows me to pull movies from the data
Registered from the movie database
Registered from LUIS entered some few Entities and Intents.

Anything is possible with the help of(Priyen and Mbuso) :-)
Now i can Build my own Bot :-)
Thanks immedia for the opportunity.

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