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Challenges: My visual studio was not workIng with Bot emulator  I was getting an error Missing project subtype and it was specifying the path, which I did not understand.

Solution: I downloaded 2017 visual studio because I was using 2012 version and I modify VS 2017 and I worked well ever since.

Challenge: Structuring conversation It was hard I was just doing it because I was underestimating it  and not applying any logic on it every time I run my program the output  would get mixed up and that was terrifying.

Solution: I googled the strategies and technique’s on how to structure a conversation and I came across to strategies called form flow and I applied it everything went well

When I was working with bots, I wanted pull pictures, add and see popup of pictures I did not know how to do that. Thanks to my Mentor (Mbuso and Priyen) they help me

They show me to configure the missing   API TMDb and Nuget with this API I was able to pull pictures but in this case they are called Hero Cards

What I learned during summer school

Work with API bot Structuring conversation pulling movies with TMDb as well as Hero cards



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