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Day 2 began with a new task assigned to me. The requirement was creating my very own logo after having been given some articles to research on how to go about making an effective logo. Shortly after being assigned the task we had an insightful presentation by Jarred (Geek Patrol Division) on the “Cloud”. We learned about how you can host data without the worry of securing the servers from theft or having to maintain them. Jarred also touched on SaaS (Software as a Service), the idea of using certain services without having to download or host them on your machine (personal computer or any other device).

After that session, I continued with my logo design. The platform that I was tasked to use for it was Photoshop. I faced so many challenges with the software as I had never used it before, this had me very frustrated but my mentor was of great aid when I needed her the most. She helped me brainstorm and implement the idea that I had proposed of creating a personalised logo (for myself) seeing as I’m a Disc Jockey. Please find attached, the result of my very first logo.

My Logo Designed Using Photoshop.

My Logo Designed Using Photoshop.

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