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Well this week at summer school at immedia has been an exceptional experience for me personally as I was assigned to the graphics design faculty. I had to say I was definitely not looking forward to it as I am not passionate about graphics design at all as I come purely from a programming background but that all quickly changed.

The first day of summer school required of me to produce a research document pertaining to the concepts of design rules, this simple task provided me with a framework and understanding of the fundamental elements of graphics design which equipped me with a deep understanding of how to analyze graphical media as well as create graphical media which were centered around simplicity, layout and attractiveness with the use of multiple elements such as different text types and fonts, layouts, color schemes and so forth.

Once my research document was completed I was then tasked with the activity of creating a logo for the Nordic tree of life on Photoshop, another challenging task for me indeed as I was not accustomed to using the Photoshop application hence after some assistance from my mentor and some quick research on effective logo design I was on my way to creating an effective logo in which I incorporated all that I had learned about graphics design.

Though my time at summer school primarily focused on design, I had acquired help from some of the other mentors who showed me the basics of android app development in which I had practiced in my free time.

All in all Summer School at immedia was a very unique and worth while experience as I was exposed to an entirely new concept which was graphics design, which as a developer I think will aid me drastically in terms of interface design for the applications that I develop as I will be able to design more effective application interfaces that look the part and have the necessary overall features required of them.

I am very grateful for this opportunity as I was exposed to a real life working environment in which I was able to observe how the daily tasks and activities of a development company are performed and handled.

immedia is a very well structured company in which they have organized departments that are seamlessly within the same office environment and have the ability the work each other effectively. I have to comment on immedia’s staff as they are all helpful and absolutely friendly and are always there to assist no matter what. I also enjoyed the sessions that were conducted aside from the main experience activities such as the cloud productivity tools session which covered aspects such Azure, Office 365 and Slack as well as the session on Project Management and Agile as these independent sessions exposed me a lot to the tools of trade that are currently used in the development environment on professional level which will definitely aid me as a developer embarking into the development industry.

Below my final logo for the Nordic Tree of Life designed on Photoshop which was the first thing I have ever developed on Photoshop.

Nordic Tree Of Life Logo




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