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My experience at a Summer School was way above what I initially expected!

I learned a good overview of the workplace environment with Nomfundo, the benefits of being an effective communicator with Kelly, what it means to be a geek with Markus, different types of software developers with Ronald and Olivier. Creativity is a big part of being a developer because it enables attractive ideas to turn into palpable projects that can bring people value into their lives. Talking about bringing values.

I have also learned that working with a team that strives towards the same goal is way more advantageous than working individually.

During this week, I was assigned a mentor, Adrian, and a project, to do build a basic weather app that takes a city input by a user and displays its metadata (temperature, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, feel like, humidity and wind speed). It was my first time dealing with an API and I benefited from the website OpenWeatherMap.org/api to get the current weather data for any input existing cities for free.

As the concept so new for me, I spent a lot of time doing some research about getting the HttpUrlConnection, which establish the connection to receive data for the weather of a city input by a user, implementing the methods to get everything up and running and also fixing some bugs and errors.

Weather App Layout


Summer School is an experience that I would recommend to the people that are interested about the IT field.


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