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Personally I had a great time over the course of the week, I really enjoyed the Q & A Sessions with the different professionals as well as working with my mentor. At the start of the week I had very little knowledge of API’s but I now have a better understanding of API’s and their roles in everyday applications. I did have some issues with my machine but being problem solvers my mentor and I tried our best to find ways around any difficulties we had. Overall I would say the program is a fantastic opportunity to gain a feel of what a normal day looks like at an industry level and you will discover it is completely different from what you could ever imagine.

I would definitely advise any young aspiring professionals and students to take advantage of the summer school program as it really helps you paint a picture of what your career could potentially look like in the future as well as being to able to engage with established professionals who have been in your shoes before and draw inspiration from their own experiences. I definitely have gained a lot out of this program it has given me a foundation to continue learning and to keep looking for ways to improve my self irrespective of challenges you face and your Technical Knowledge.


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