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Dear blog

I was lucky enough to come back to summer school for the second time, and I am in the web development team. It is an everyday mountain climb and adventure at the same time. So I am graduating in BA Graphic Design and Photography, I love web design because I did it at school using dreamwiever, and the languages were jHTML,  HTML and css and if you’re pushing it maybe jquery. Now coming here to the web dev team I thought it’s all going to be smooth sailing. I WAS SO WRONG but I’m happy I was, I now know how to use brackets because no one knows dreamweiver, it then becomes hard for them to access my work to patch it with the back end coding in visual studio. I also now fully understand that being a web dev means working as a team and being a brilliant researcher. The web is filled with people to help out web devs to grow from being web devs. The sooner you get your mind wrapped around that we are stronger together the better.

I am combining all my blogs not because it slipped my mind during the week but because every day was packed with so much to learn and do. I even did a count down timer using html, css and jquery. Also as a front end dev I managed to style it to the way I want. I was so grateful for my team. I was the only one who does graphic design and they do IT at college , but we all learnt from each other.

Summer school in my view should be extended to varsities and high schools as a module that you have to do every time school closes. Coding is alot but anyone can do it as long as you have the desire to move to form your point A to point b. Right now we are all trying to get the seating plan to work on the site, it’s not easy but we are all aiming to the same goal together.

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