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Day #1 @summerschool

So glad to be back at immedia for the second round of summer school, my first day was pretty cool as I started off my day installing Android Studio (necessary software).

I began with my first app: I created a Login app. My mentor  who is  Nqobani Zulu, is very helpful. I also had Pinkie who assisted me. They both where always there when needed. Now I am more familiar with the IDE and move on.


Day #2

I had ran my app again and it didn’t work.  I than figured out that I had typo errors(misspelt) and I over thought of the code. My lesson learnt is that to keep it simple and clear.  I have also learnt/started working on  how to create GridViews(MovieApp) and standard ListViews. I had to display movie images in a grid format. I had Pinky who was with me all the way through today.


I have continued to work with my Gridviews, I struggled of doing and understanding the recyclerView and cardView. After some trails and errors I have managed to get my app to work. We had a group session about Cloud Productivity Tools, and told us about servers and how they operate. It was an interesting session, I have learnt a lot of new concepts.




I could now say I have understood recyclerView and cardView. I began learning about Angular, I googled it and followed examples (w3schools). I am working on Angular. It has many different categories. It is so nice to work with, it has a lot to functionalities. I am developing a simple app using Angular.  I have worked with Ayesha. It was my first time using Angular. It is much easier on what I had expected. I have installed Visual Studio Code which I will be using. I was given Angular references to read on so that I can understand it. overall the days so far is so exciting and i have learnt so much. I have gained understanding on Android and now I look forward to expanding my knowledge.

A lesson i have learnt that nothing is impossible.

It is a great experience, gained a lot of knowledge and learnt new things. I have also know what work will be like in the future.




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