+27 31 566 8000 summerschool@immedia.co.za

Was warmly welcomed by the immedia team! Spent my first few hours explaining an existing project to the team.Once everyone was up to speed, the initial steps to revamp the project began.

Spending most of the day learning a lot of new concepts in the world of HTML, PHP & CSS, and was even introduced to coding in a book by Margaret….IN A BOOK!!

It was great to get new ideas and concepts to improve the project from fresh eyes!It has really helped me to conceptualize what I want to create and helped me see things from a different perspective.I was helped to fix a version control issue within my Android Studio IDE that has been bugging me for ages today and that’s what felt like the real win!

Starting development in web, for client-side functions of the project has been more exciting than I could have anticipated.Today I have accomplished building a login with verification for the admins of my project that also pulls the existing database and allows them to amend products along with the pictures, basically creating a CRUD for admins to manage the inventory that a business receives.

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