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Mind shift and Gamification – Day 4

No one reads the terms and conditions of applications and cloud services these days and companies are not only tracking records about what client/customers use/browse/buy but are selling this information to other companies. This is very dangerous as a client/customer always believes their data is safe and if clients were made aware of what is going on they would lose many clients.

Email Filtering systems – Day 3

Kicked started the day with a Stand Up session with the Geek Managed Services team. Next I went on to complete the last 4 modules of Microsoft 365, I learnt about how when choosing a cloud deployment model you must also consider recent investment...

First interaction with Microsoft 365 – Day 2

Took part in my first stand up session with the Geek Managed Services team, each team member got a chance to speak and say what activities they individually completed yesterday, what tasks are they struggling with and what they are going to be...

Network and hardware troubleshooting – Day 1

Under my mentor I performed various network and hardware troubleshooting activities including testing for dead Mac desktops, hard drives and replacing broken laptop screens. Furthermore, I observed our mentor diagnose and solve a client’s...