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Day #1 – Android

Day #1 @summerschool So glad to be back at immedia for the second round of summer school, my first day was pretty cool as I started off my day installing Android Studio (necessary software). I began with my first app: I created a Login app. My...

Day 2

I’m working with Nqobani Zulu doing an android app,First time doing it but I do have basics of java and my mentor is very helpful…..Shoutout to Google he/she plays a big role in my progress.

Day 5- last day

The skills and experience I required during the course of the week will never be forgotten. From the bottom of my heart I thank the entire immedia party for helping me move forward and pave the way for my future. THANK YOU. YOU’LL ROCK!!!!!!!!

Day One – Bot Development

The first day of summer school was great, discovered what a bot is and what their functions are, gained insight on how to develop a bot as well as how to run and test localhost bot applications on emulators.