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Posts about networking

Day 1

We were introduced by Kelly and the other summer schoolers. My first day working with the team members of the Geek Patrol Team.  I was given Sanele as my mentor, he is such an awesome person to work with. This is what I have done on day...

The last and most sad day of summer school 2018

The last day was basically based on Sandile and I designing a PPT, the next part of the day will to actually present the Power Point, basically it will based on what Sandile and I have done over the course of the week. We built a computer and used...

Summer School Day 3

I configured my first NETGEAR switch, created a VLAN and prioritized traffic over the other.

Great Experience

Yesterday I have been working on East Coast Access that specializing with network and Geek Patrol which specializing on Technical Support, It an amazing experience I was learning how to connect network wireless also network cable, it a nice job to...