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Posts about Android


Its been an amazing previous week with Adrian’s and Sne’s help to code my Android game and make it a success. Thank you guys for the help with debugging and the ever-helpful gesture despite having your own work and deadlines to meet....

First Day

First Day! I am super excited to start! I am in Android Development and I am loving it!. It is something I haven’t used before but I am getting the hang of it. It is a little different then to what I’ve worked with before. But I am...

Day 2 – start of the app

Firstly, no blog of day 1 as it was dedicated to learning the basics of the Android studio so I decided to include it in this blog:-). Day 2 of summer school and day 2 of learning more about the android studio. Today was the start of my fitness app...


I’m actually part of the android team, together with Niseka. Our mentor is Sne.