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Today was the final day of Summer School. During this single week I had great experience with the staff in the School, and I was grateful for the opportunity I took. Here was a great team with great personality, great skills, and remarkable stories: and I had discovered it, because of my decision to take the extra step and explore what I might head into once I am done with my final year. I love and admire the way Immedia team works—looking at the unskilled as simply underdeveloped, believing that there are latent abilities in them, and dedicating the time to teach them with patience.

The School is informative, and anyone who takes part in this School must understand that the emphasis is on exposure, and anything gained is a plus, whether it be technical skills or increased knowledge. I may not have gained a lot in technical skills, but I gained an idea of how an IT company works, real life skills, and friends. I really enjoyed my time here and I would like to end off by saying thank you to the whole of Immedia.

My special thanks go to CEO Mr. Anice Hassim for providing the brilliant experience of Summer School, Selene for the inviting atmosphere, geniality, and admin work, Kershan for the help in the little android development I did (I’m sure you were frustrated with my insufficient knowledge, thanks for the patience),  Darren for the great explanation in API’s and answering my questions (by the way Darren, you’re brilliant at explaining things), Talhah for constantly checking up on me if I need help on web development, and Pivendren Naik for the interesting conversations and your offer to help me, I appreciate it very much.

Wishing the staff of immedia the best!

Soo Kyung Ahn

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