+27 31 566 8000 summerschool@immedia.co.za

Firstly I would like to thank immedia for this wonderful opportunity they are give people to come and get to see how it is to be in the work environment. The summer school program is an eye opener to many people who want to learn new thing and I got a chance to learn android app development and it was interesting and challenging and I have been stuck on it for days and I think I wouldn’t be taking my eyes off it for the rest of my life, as we all know that android is the mobile operating system that is vastly use across almost all mobile device. This only the beginning to a long journey of becoming one of the country best android developer. Not to limit myself I think that if I do get time this year I would like to come back for the summer school program this year.

My experience at immedia has been fun and an eye opening to me.  The team is fun to be around and they are very friendly and helpful. I learn that the most important thing is to open your mind to learn, and everyday you learn something new to improve yourself and your programming skill; like anything else that you do in life the more you practice the better you get at what you doing.


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