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I have gained experience in iOS. I have been working with a simple meal planning app. I had a  good and friendly mentor on my side, Deniel Lalla who has been guiding me through all along until the project became functional the way it was supposed to.

Regarding my user interface, when a user enters a meal name it must display the label of the name above at the same time changing the picture of the texted name and again displaying the same name at the bottom of it.

It has been interesting and good exposure for me as it was my first time on iOS programming language and it wasn’t much harder, with the small skills I got from other programming languages like Visual Basic Studio where we drag and drop it was almost like the same.  On top of that I also worked on another project of displaying map in a view controller using the MapKit API as the framework that provides interface for embedding the map together with location by using coordinates of our current location.

We have been attending different sessions also from different mentors like  Project Management  and  Agile  with a good explanation from Selene on steps to follow in software project management and agile when it comes to backlog of the project, tasks sprint, team sprint, task lifecycle with all the recording  for any changes  that can occur during the execution of the project.

We also had another session on about a cloud based Slack application as one of apps that works like Whatsapp only that is a cloud based  application  with good features  also like integrating  with other apps like Skype in the conversation.



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A. omar

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