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I think this is the first time I have been more excited than nervous to be thrown into a new group of people and into a field I have not even smelt for 13 years, all in the pursuit of developing a new skill. I am glad to report that my excitement was on the money, as what I was exposed to was more than I expected.


immedia is beautifully located in Umhlanga, looking onto the ocean – I am from JHB so sorry but I will gush and be overly affectionate towards the ocean #sorrynotsorry :P

The welcome email is very serious when it says that you can start arriving from 7.30am. The building is basically locked before then, unless one of the managers arrive (which is usually around 7.30am). But if you do get here before 7.30 you will get to meet Daniel. He’s a developer. I guess he could be switching the lights on but maybe no one trusts him with the keys? Just kidding Daniel!

The building has no ‘immedia’ signage. What you will see is ‘Geek Patrol’. immedia is the eco-system which houses Geek Patrol as one of the components. Look for this



Does my avatar look like me?

Leading up to me being here was me applying to be here. The application process was fairly simple and had included me having to make an avatar.  I used the faceyourmanga app and this is what I came up with :)


ps. If you don’t submit an avatar one will be made for you and you will need to wear it week long.

Picking a discipline

At immedia, because it is an eco-system, you will be exposed to the full IT solution. When picking a focus, consider something you haven’t done before, so to get the most out of the week. You may just surprise yourself or at the very least learn something new.

What to wear

Ok, this might not be a thing for you but I am not a student and have been working in corporate for the last 10 years, so I packed clothes I would usually wear in a work-week. You might want to reconsider the stilettoes if you had a choice and didn’t have the inclination for them to begin with. The focus here is more on good work and learning, so be comfortable.

Who am I?

I am a finance junkie looking to explore the ethereum for opportunity. Follow me on twitter for more https://twitter.com/sharoma1

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