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On the very first day of summer school I was surprised at the culture and environment at Immedia. It took time to get used to but as the days moved on I began to adjust to the work environment. During this experience i focused my attention purely on Android development. Before summer school i had a very minimal understanding of android but each mentor that I was allocated to opened my mind. At first I learnt about the basic structures of android which include xml, java and groovy. In addition to this, I learnt how to debug my projects which is so important. I am confident that this skill will be of great use when developing future projects. Once i grasped these simple android concepts I decided to develop some actual projects. I know android so well that i was able to create 3 android applications that touch on different aspects of android. The first application that i created was dealing with an API. The application allows a user to enter a series title, clicking a button will extract details about that series. This is all done using the API. This application forced me to get an understanding of how APIs work which fascinated me. In addition, I also used JSON to properly hold the information extracted from the API and Async Task class which acts like thread to handle the tasks associated with pulling the data from the internet.

My second application involved connecting to a SQLite database which is native to android. I managed to not only create the database but also read and write to it. This is just another example of how this experience has opened my mind.

My last application, which is being talked about a lot, is a game which consists of a target number (50) , the user has to reach that target in 10 seconds by doing a swiping gesture in a specified area. The more the user swipes does the better. This application also made my get an understanding of the different layouts available to android.

In conclusion, this experience has been a memorable and an educational one. I would like to thank all my mentors for their insight into the world of android app development. This experience has without a doubt made me a better developer. Thank you Immedia for this opportunity, I hope to return.

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