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Wow! After 3 eventful days of developing in Android, here’s what I have learnt:


Day One

Once Kershen helped me install all the necessary software, I began with my first app :D I created an app that allows the user to increment and decrement a value.


Now I am more familiar with the IDE and can move on to my next app.

I began to work on creating a calculator…


Day Two

Tested the calculator but it didn’t want to work.. Hmm I wonder why.. Oh yeah I over complicated the app.

Simplified the app and managed to get a running version.

Lesson: Keep It Simple :) :)


Learnt how to create a standard ListView then moved on to creating a custom ListView.. Yeah! :D



Day Three

Last day of Android.. Nooo :(

Spent the day creating hangman with another Summer Schooler. Teamwork :)


Overall these days have been a blessing. I’ve have gained a basic understanding of Android and I look forward to expanding my knowledge.

Looking forward to learning about web development tomorrow :D

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