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I was a bit nervous of attending the Summer School as I was unsure of what to expect.

On the first day, I embarked upon the challenge of UI Design which was challenging at first, getting a handle of that tracing tool was a daunting task more so when having to trace curves or rounded objects. As the day ended I had managed to create 4 logos and also making using of other tools such as gradients in order to create a somewhat 3D effect and many more other tools.

The second day did not get off to a good start, as I had to wait for a Visual Studio installation which takes hours, VS is honestly the longest installation I have ever come across. While the installation was progressing I was reading up on VS 2015 features and came across Microsoft’s new platform which allows programs to be adaptable to many platforms. Also there is now added functionality for asynchronous tasks. When VS was finally done, I went about migrating windows 8 app to windows 10 apps so they could include the windows 10 features, it was challenging at first because of namespace issues and xaml issues as well. At the end I was able to successfully upgrade a music player app that I created earlier this year.

Yesterday I worked with bootstrap to create websites which is more effective than the w3school tutorials I normally use. The website wasn’t as challenging; however, I did come across with a slight challenge with the image carousel and scaling of columns in the website. By the end I had a website navigation functionality and image carousels.

In closing, my time at immedia this week was definitely time well spent which made me more excited of joining the working world.

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