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My Test Result

My first day at immedia was a beneficial one. I learnt CSS and HTML5, languages I really had a hard time grasping. Thanks to my mentors I was able to get the basic understanding of what the languages really entail.

I even did a tutorial to test my knowledge, through applying the skills taught to me.I was able to complete the tutorial successfully, although I had difficulties here and there.

My second day was different … I was introduced to Jquery. I must say, this is really a powerful framework. I was so fascinated by the things it could do.  I spent the whole of my second day at immedia, familiarising myself with the framework and I gained a lot because I had the basics in place.

Fast forwarding to the third day, this is one day that I really found challenging, I was introduced to the concept of API’s, this was really challenging, I asked my mentor for a more thorough explanation on the concepts of API’s, fortunate enough, I was able to create simple movie viewer through applying the skills. I even took a test to test my knowledge on the previous concepts that were covered on the previous days.

I am really looking forward to the last day.  I really learned a lot in a short period of time. Thank you immedia.

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