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#SummerSchool Day3

I have almost completed my website. I am currently having trouble using the Youtube API, I did receive help from the people that were around. It has been a great experience. So far the work environment has been great. I have made progress on my...

Day 3 – API’s and re-calibrate

The culture here is amazing, it’s just like in the movies. Everyone is sitting down by their table and doing their work. However, unlike the movies this office doesn’t have that boss that’s breathing down on everyone’s throat. Go watch the movie Wanted to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Day 3

Got working on API’s and the Youtube API was more difficult I thought it would be and after spending a few hours I was able to get some help and got it working.


Today it was my first day at Summer School. I was very excited but a little bit nervous, but the day started well and I’m about to end it well. Today with my team were doing API’s which exposed me to a lot of things and a lot of...

Day 4