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Today was a good day!

The sun was shining brightly while a slight breeze blew as I walked across the road to the quaterdeck, a modern building that provides its tenants with simple sophistication and ample scenic views of Durbans beautiful beaches. This is the workplace of the creative and diverse team of appaholics I have been given the opportunity to spend the next 2 weeks with to learn and grow as a graduate app developer.One of the first people I met at Immedia was Jubs, another graduate developer who had just finished his studies at DUT. We immediately connected through our young yet strong passion for all things mobile! Android,IOS & Windows development was discussed at a good pace while we waited in anticipation to find out what had been scheduled for us today.

After all the documentation had been read and signed Jubs and I were taken off in different directions to meet the team/individual we would be shadowing for the day. I was introduced to Andre who is an extremely friendly & highly skilled developer, we talked for awhile and then Andre set to work helping me with an app that I wanted to create, he provided me with the structure to solidify ideas that had been floating around in my head and also gave me some extra suggestions on what users expect from their apps so that I could create a better user experience. Excited by my new found direction I set to work on my app and made some good progress while querying Andre as he easily multi tasked his way through emails, code updates and office banter. An hour or so passed by in what felt like 5 minutes and the next thing I knew I was invited to a telephone call with a customer for an update session and then back to our desk for more coding with Andre’s expert guidance. The rest of the day went something along the lines of:

– Andre suggesting I do something a certain way or implement a certain feature
– I would set to work trying to accomplish Andres suggestions
– I would break everything
– Andre would then look at my code, tell me what I did wrong and fix my spaghettification of code (Thanks Andre!!)

I couldn’t believe it when I looked up at the clock and it was time to leave… I almost felt betrayed by the clock, an object which managed to make time drag by in maths class at school but had somehow made the hours and minutes of today simply evaporate. I was then comforted by the fact that I get to come back again tomorrow and do it all over again.

Tomorrow will be a good day!