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Today assured me that we are all just mere human, humbling me to my very knees. The scope of work I was introduced to posed as a challenge. Moving at a reduced paced, it was a struggle indeed to integrate Angular libraries in coherence with javascript  into Tizen application development.

It can be noted that today’s lesson took a broader approach than meets the eye, to me personally. But a light dawned at the end of the tunnel through the struggles I faced and mistakes that were made. Some say learning can take place in mysterious ways and I concur that this was one of them.

A vital but rudimentary lesson was taught to me during my day at immedia that stemmed deeper than the world of Information Technology.

Over and beyond the new Angular approach, which I learnt for the first time, I also learnt that it was okay to make mistakes. In these errors I found myself leaning more than I ever could by reading it off Google.

With the aid of Ntobeko my shortcomings were pointed out and I strived to learn from these errors.  It was at this stage where i envisioned the profound words of the great William Shakespeare – “To do a great right, do a little wrong.” . All appreciation goes to immedia for these life lessons would not be possible if it were not for the privilege of Summer School.

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