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So day 1, at first I was nervous because I did not know what to expect from the day, I overcame this pretty quickly as I discovered everyone in the office is friendly and just willing to teach and learn, so its not like anyone judges anyone.

The day was interesting and exciting, its great to see how things operate in a working environment. My mentor for the day was Ruby, very nice guy, very helpful and knowledgeable. We discussed various web dev techniques. I used SublimeText IDE for the first time as well as developing a web page using bootstrap. I found the experience with using SublimeText and bootstrap very rewarding in terms of learning and I will definitely be using it again. I also learnt about various techniques that can make coding simpler, such as using zen coding or now more formally known as emmet, this was interesting.

The overall experience was really good and I am glad I learnt new things. I cant wait to see what I learn tomorrow in Android development.

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