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Well, today is probably one of the saddest day’s of my life, after spending almost 6 weeks at immedia i have to say goodbye. Over my course, I picked up new skills, not only those dealing with computers but also people skills, and teamwork.

Over the first week, I learnt about the different OSI layers and what they are used for in a network. I then learnt about Ethernet cables, the different types and how to make them, which was really exciting.

The week after that I learnt about “mini” computers, yes mini computers, well its called a raspberry pi and this little thing is so cool. I used it to make an emulation station for playing arcade games. This was one of the most fun tasks I had to do.

The next one was a fun one. I learned how to open a Mac. Really not like those common PCs. The next task was really awesome. I had learned how to install Windows on an iMac using parallels desktop, this was really amazing being able to switch between operating systems in a matter of seconds.

This intrigued me so much, that I did further research on how to install Mac OS High Sierra on my persona windows laptop, by creating a virtual machine I was allowed to also have the option of switching between operating systems.

This few weeks have been challenging, stressful and also really exciting. I am really sad to be leaving the Geek team behind. Thanks to Nevlin, Carl, Nakita, Selina, Sumeeth.

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