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Day Three

Today i structured conversion on bot framework emulator and i download nuget APi and TMDb  

Day 5 (Final Day)

Now i know how the real word works :-) Now i’m able to create a chat bot that can have a conversation with a customer Now i can create a bot that can be linked to any social media platforms Now i can register to any site that provides with database and be able...

Overall challenges and there solutions Day 5

Challenges: My visual studio was not workIng with Bot emulator  I was getting an error Missing project subtype and it was specifying the path, which I did not understand. Solution: I downloaded 2017 visual studio because I was using 2012 version and I modify VS 2017...

Day 4

There are two types of...

Day Four

To day have seen how wide API development  and android development i still want to learn more unfortunately i only have one day left here at immedia.

Day 3.1

Choose a Coding Language you love, and you will never have to Code a day in your life… :-) :-)  #ChatBots , #Artificial_Intelligence...

Day Two

It was great i enjoyed the working environment and i manager to  do the task of the day. i attend two sessions project management and iOS – Xamarin which were Interesting

Day one

First day was hectic most of the thing’s was new to me i couldn’t  even do a simple thing  because i was panicking

Day Two My App Continued

  Continuing my app this is what I managed to do so far on my second day as a beginner took me a while but hey I am just a beginner no stress any small step is a big step towards progress for me. Now what I did is just simple take the username(data) from one...