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This morning I attended a MindShift session with Anice, who is the CEO of immedia. I was very intrigued.😲 🤯I learned a lot about what this organization is about, its vision and mission, and more insightful information. During the...

Mind shift and Gamification – Day 4

No one reads the terms and conditions of applications and cloud services these days and companies are not only tracking records about what client/customers use/browse/buy but are selling this information to other companies. This is very dangerous as a client/customer always believes their data is safe and if clients were made aware of what is going on they would lose many clients.


The day comprised of me continuing with the task of designing my website using Visual Studio. My mentor was of great aid as she helped me rework my website design.

Day 4

It is unfortunate that our time at immedia, or in my case Geek Patrol, is coming to an end.