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Day 1-4

Day 1 First I was stunned by the environment the employee are approachable friendly. l learned how to configure Mikrotik router of which I have never done before and also I had to Mac machine which was also new to me and did not support software to configure the router so I had to install it in a virtual machine and on top of that I had to install middleware application called Wine for an order for it to run it was a good experience it disturbs my comfort zone.

Last day at summer school

I am a bit sad because this is my last day of the week here at immedia summer school, today I installed Retro Pie on the Raspberry Pie, took a bit long because the main problem was with the sd card and the HDMI cable 😂, yeah the cable was...


This morning I attended a MindShift session with Anice, who is the CEO of immedia. I was very intrigued.😲 🤯I learned a lot about what this organization is about, its vision and mission, and more insightful information. During the...

Mind shift and Gamification – Day 4

No one reads the terms and conditions of applications and cloud services these days and companies are not only tracking records about what client/customers use/browse/buy but are selling this information to other companies. This is very dangerous as a client/customer always believes their data is safe and if clients were made aware of what is going on they would lose many clients.

The icebergs of societal opinions!

We are made to believe there is a ladder to climb. When in fact the only mission of life is progress. Not just mine or the next person, but that of entire communities.