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It was a great week of learning I spent with immedia. I was not certain about what to expect in summer school but thanks to my mentor Carl Naidoo one of the immedia technicians who was patient enough to teach me different roles of a technician. From Carl’s office I learned to remotely help clients with their different problems pertaining their emails etc through virtual geek, I used team viewer software to log on into the client’s machine to help them solve their problems wherever they are in this world, I also had clients computers that needed windows upgrades I worked on.

Josiah also took me to their workshop where I learned to assemble a computer case, I learned how to make Ethernet cables and these guys also helped me to set up my raspberry pi.

There is quiet a lot I have learnt form immedia because Nakita also took me through a firewall and sever setups all together with domain controllers.

The whole program was not only about technicians for me because Kelly also had the programs that was alerting us about the important aspect of communication. Lastly, Thaila Bradley Cox led an interesting Subject of Database where I benefited a lot from it. Thanks to immedia for this awesome program.

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