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Summer school has been amazing; The week ended too soon,I guess it is true what they say when they say “Time flies when you are learning new things”


I learnt how to install an operating system on a pc and how to do updates; as well as how to solve OX80240fff error.

Learnt how to navigate the Team Viewer Software; as well as the Virtual Geek software.


I learnt how to improve a slow PC’s performance by deleting the Temporal files and delete some bloatware.


I have learnt how to dismantle a Desktop tower and reassembled it back together. I also learnt how to make an Ethernet Cable, that was cool.



I learnt about raspberry pie and how it works, also learnt about Fortinet Firewall and servers

Thursday Afternoon Session

I learnt about Data Science and Machine learning

I will definitely recommend summer school to others because I learnt more here in a week than in my 4 years of varsity.


Met some cool people as well, I must say the Geek Management Services entails of good people and The immedia staff were friendly and welcoming.


I would like to thank Carl, Nakita, Josiah, Kelly and Paul for their assistance throughout my time at immedia.


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