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Summer School Day #4

Today I started creating a new app on Xcode using Swift. This app requires a networking library that i started to learn that you can connect to your app. Using Alamofire I connect to my app to allow uploading and requesting data  from 3rd party...

Summer School Day #1

Was introduced to my mentor for the day, Deniel Lalla. He showed me a cool website I can learn Swift much easier with. iSwift is great for understanding & learning the syntax for Swift. Also gained experience into how it would be, to work in...

Tic Tac Toe #Day_4

I look forward to learning more about web design and i hope to design incredible websites in the future.

My Experience at immedia

My Experience at immedia was Awesome. It was really fun and I learn’t a lot. The people that work here are extremely friendly. I studied Coding in Swift for Apple Devices and had a great mentor to assist me with it. I learn’t how to...