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The first day of Summer school! Today is the day we, the students, start our first day of learning. We start with a orientation meeting with Nomfundo. In this meeting I get to meet my fellow colleagues for the next week. I learnt about what immedia is and the work that was to come this week. This includes learning about the 3 different groups part of this summer school. Very friendly environment

After the orientation meeting we then have another meeting with Kelly about “Becoming a great Communicator”. In this meeting we learnt about the importance of clear communication in a team and what it mean to be part of a team. Some tips I learnt from my fellow students about communication: Speak efficiently (Get your point across without rambling), Don’t assume (as programmers we tend to assume that people know what we are talking about but because of different backgrounds that is often not the case), Be prepared (having knowledge on what you want to say helps you explain what you need to better and gives you more confidence) and finally play to your strengths. Some of Kelly’s tips included: Listen with empathy, ask questions and Include stories in explanation. I learnt a lot about person to person communication in this meeting

The final meeting of the day was with our group mentor. I was in the application development group and my mentor was Adrian Beukes. Adrian explained to me the project I would have to do by the end of the week. I chose to do a weather map as this would be a challenge for me that allowed me to learn about not only app development on android studio but also how to link API’s to my code. Adrian explained to me the importance of planning but also understanding the topic before hand. With this information I then spent the rest of the day researching all about android development and then created the Randomizer app seen in the picture. This app allowed me to grasp the basics of android development layout and connecting my code to different elements of the layout to make a full working app

Overall this was a very eventful day. Learning about what is to come this week and experiencing new people and work

My first application

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