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My Complete Week at immedia Summer School:

Having chosen Android App Development as my main subject choice for the week, I had some idea of what to expect project-wise but not at all was I ready for the frustrations I would experience.

Upon meeting my mentor over a Microsoft Teams call, Theolin Naidoo. He wasted no time in taking me right into the work, giving me three options of apps to develop. An Android Weather App, an Android Calculator or a Tic-Tac-Toe game app. Having already done a calculator application in C# and a weather website in HTML during my time at campus, I had decided to attempt something new, the Tic-Tac-Toe game. Once choosing the project, I got right to work. I had to introduce myself to a new IDE, in Android Studio, once it was installed and ready to go, I got to work. Smooth sailing all the through the coding in Java until I ran into a few snags, not to do with the code either but rather my machine. Turns out my laptop specs are not good enough to handle Android Studio especially running the emulator to test my application. I quickly found another way to test my app using my phone as the testing device. After figuring out all the quirks of Android Studio, my app worked successfully with no faults in its design and functionality.

With still a day and a half left of time for the week, I decided to tackle the Android Weather App as well. Running on the excitement and thrill of getting my first ever Android app to work, I quickly started the Weather App. My mentor advised me where necessary, I managed to also get the Weather App working before my final presentation in under a day and a half of the time. There were things to improve on but I was, nevertheless, proud of myself for managing to attempt and complete two Android apps for the very first time using a new IDE and coding in a somewhat dormant language for me.

My week at immedia’s Summer School was educating, entertaining and fun. I enjoyed my time with them.



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