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Beginning, Middle and End

For my second immedia summer school experience, I have decided to continue learning android application development. I was placed directly into the work environment of both iOS and Android dev teams, which is great as I was able to watch, listen...

Week Experience

Monday: I learned Swift and worked with Xcode for the first time Tuesday: I built a basic UI that I used to experiment with Xcode Wednesday: I broke everything. Had to restart and rebuild my entire app Thursday: I learned about pods and tried to...

Let the games begin

watched a few online tutorials which have been assisting me quite a lot in understanding the syntax of swift and also got assistance from my mentors Antonie and Van

Day 1: Introduction To Android Studio

Today was my first time actually creating yet alone exposed to Android development. I expected it to be challenging but thanks to my mentor, it was really easy to grasp the concepts. My app was a basic UI Login app which i was able to debug via an...