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Its been an amazing previous week with Adrian’s and Sne’s help to code my Android game and make it a success. Thank you guys for the help with debugging and the ever-helpful gesture despite having your own work and deadlines to meet....

Hello World!;

#TeamAlphaAI Day 1  at Summer School kickstarted with a daily stand up meeting and an interesting approach to effective communication. My cool Mentor, Sne(Shoutout :) ), is guiding and teaching me along the way. I’m tasked with the assignment...


I’m actually part of the android team, together with Niseka. Our mentor is Sne.

My second day at immedia

Today I did a simple login app to get used to the syntax of Java, also about XML. I am required to create my own app by the end of this week and my goal is to start with it today. Tomorrow I will be working with it, it is going to be an app allowing me to download books.

Day 2 at Summer School

I arrived in a warm environment and humble mentors Adrian and Sne.