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Day 1 of summer school: Getting Roms for the Retropie

Well, today I had to find ROMs for the retro pie, very cool indeed, found some classic stuff on arcade punks, managed to download and install Atari 7200 after this was done I played around to see if it was working and sure as well it was, after...

Day 1 Summer school

The whole environment was new and I had to make a website with visual studio code and make use of html and java script which I have never worked with before. I  was also given a Mac and that was a small challenge and at the start of the day I felt...

Day number 2

A day well spent, learned more about an Apple Mac …i worked on XAML in C# the whole day and got used to the environment of creating an app(my first app).It nice to be given this opportunity and i very much a appreciate the...

Day 3