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Remarkable First Day

They welcomed us with open hands and taught us the importance of being in a team and working together.
To me this an opportunity of a lifetime, the industry exposure you get is priceless.

Day 5 at Immedia

If you are reading this blog post because you are wondering if you should go to immedia.. GO!!!!! Apply!!!….It will will change your life for the better My day 5 was awesome..I understood all the things that i leant through-out the week.I...

Thank you “immedia”

As it is the last day in our work exposure program as summer school candidates. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to “immedia” for giving us the opportunity to work with them in their fantastic working  environment, i enjoyed enjoyed...

My immedia experience

Firstly I would like to thank immedia for this wonderful opportunity they are give people to come and get to see how it is to be in the work environment. The summer school program is an eye opener to many people who want to learn new thing and I...

Day 4 – Summer School

Day 4. I was introduced to API’s which was a very interesting concept,I fell in love with it instantly. We also had a session at The Commons about “Design”. We got a lot of tips, tricks and motivation from the immedia staff about...