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Posts about Day1

Remarkable First Day

They welcomed us with open hands and taught us the importance of being in a team and working together.
To me this an opportunity of a lifetime, the industry exposure you get is priceless.

Day 1 – Summer School

Day1 – Web Design CSS template body { background-color: lightblue; } #photos { text-align: center; footer { display: block } } } template HTML Movie List What movies I watch! Welcome <div Posted by: “Nicole Moodley” Contact...

The beginning of an experience #Day1_immedia

I have met new people and learnt how to improve my interacting skills.I look forward to spending the week here and learning various IT related things and improving my skills. This experience is surely a benefit to all students considering IT as a career.

Summer School (Android Development) Day 1

IMMEDIA THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE   First day at immedia was a great experience i learnt alot of new things and gained experience in what work will be like in the future. I made my first app today, it was hard since it was my first time doing...