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It was really awesome spending the week with Geek Patrol, got to learn quite a bit from these guys. Being a Windows user, I learned how to troubleshoot some problems on a Mac.

Also got the opportunity to open up a Hard Drive (much better in person than looking at a YouTube video) and putting a laptop back together.

The rest of the week was just updating clients computers, sorting out malware and virus issues (ran into some Chinese malware along the way), backing up of data, reinstalling the operating system and cleaning out computers.

I would like to thank the staff of immedia for giving us the opportunity to explore what it’s like to be part of a dynamic and unique company in the IT field.

I would also like to thank my mentors, Kemlyn and Shaun for an incredible experience.

HDD Circuit Board

Internal circuitry of a Hard Drive

HDD Disk

Disk found inside a Hard Drive

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