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Mr. Darren showed us the waterfall model, the Agile and project management. There we learnt how to work as a team, come up with ideas tackle time management on how long we were to do something and the extra time we added to meet the deadline. In order to succeed with clients project, you must break them down to their basic components in order for the team to be able to know how the project will work as a whole.

We also now know that the client doesn’t always know what they want or how the end product will be like, and furthermore, technology changes rapidly in today’s world, the technology that was a hit two years ago are simply outdated and don’t meet today’s standards.

Clients can be blown away by how you contextualize your words, you some sound interesting enough to the client and not always using programming terms that the client doesn’t know. Keep it simple, intriguing and mind-blowing to the client. We also must come up with questions that help the developers as to what they are building towards.

Interesting enough, things won’t always stay on point, but we as developers must not deviate from our main goal which is delivering the project to the client in time, and with fewer bugs and complications.

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