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My Summer School experience at immedia basically consisted of learning languages that i’d never learned before at Varsity or used often. I spent most of my time learning about Android, HTML, CSS, APIs and Project Management.

Day 1/2:

On the first day I arrived I started on Android. I made a basic app that displayed a list of images in an Arraylist with information about these images. The information of the images isn’t accurate as I was adapting to the new language and parsing random information to test the app .

Android App


Day 3:

I did a lot of research on API’s and basically learned what they were and attempted to use an API to GET code from it and put it into my webpage.

Day 4:

I used codrops to find a webpage and adapt it to a site that would interest me. The site basically allows the user to search and takes the user to another page of the searched item.

Screenshot (2)
Screenshot (3)


Day 5:

Project management basically consisted of researching what the triple constraint of project management was and scope creep. I then used Trello to create a kanban for a project.

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