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Had a great start to the first day at Summer School! Started off my morning with an orientation where I met my team members as well as get a brief overview of the life at immedia.

A lecture on SCRUM and Agile development was taught thereafter we played a game that explained to us how we improve productivity when you work as a team. As seen in the image attached, we initially took 40 seconds to complete the task given to us, but through several iterations,

We as a TEAM completed the task in less than a second! This was a great way of learning how SCRUM works! Thereafter we were assigned to groups based on the fields that we have chosen to work in.

My teammate and I were assigned to team Nimbus. We were given a project to work on based on a website that captures a user’s input and stores it in a database and emails the details to the organization in the scenario. My team member and I have completed the Planning, Analysis, and Design phase of the project. We have documented our work which will be used for our presentation on our last day of summer school. The development of the project has now begun!!!!!


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