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This was my second time coming here for Summer School. I came here at the end of 2016. I arrived on the first day, to notice that immedia have expanded and we were in a different building.

I worked on android this week. I wanted to learn about using databases and sending sms’s in android and I was exposed to realm and firebase. I worked a bit on a side project for my dad which still has a bit to work on.

I hadn’t worked on android since last time here and still needed to read documentation for doing stuff. This week has gone by so fast and very enjoyable with a very helping mentor. I also worked with gridviews and had images of series I watch on them. I started working with a youtube API and will update this blog when its done.

It was a bit different for me waking up early to avoid traffic with sleeping in most of the holidays, but it was a great experience being in office hours.


I’d like to thank immedia for having me for this week! It was a great experience!

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