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In the summer school experience was quite knowledgeable I had to research and learn more about the type of software that the company offers (Fabrik), which taught me the value of Knowing and familiarising yourself in whatever product you offer as a business. So you can be able to give a detailed description to whoever needs one it also helps in terms of finding the solution much easier when dealing with a customer who has issues using it in a fast manner which can instil a sense of confidence and trust between your business and your customer.

I also found out the importance of making sure that whatever solution that you can offer the customer or service is tailor-made to fit the resolution of their problem, especially in I.T. as detail matter a lot. I was also tasked with coming up with a campaign that would generate an increase in audience engagement, increase revenue for a customer and up add downloads of which I received a positive reaction from my seniors that tasked me with the goals.

I was working with the company’s Customer Sucess team I learnt the importance of being a clear communicator and have patience when dealing with people the importance of sharing information with your team which can create a calmer work atmosphere which is a win for both the business and the customers.

The importance of sharing ideas and delegating work with the team and having pride with your work.

To allow a bit of foolishness when coming up with ideas because that’s where creativity will flourish but also maintaining a good level of professionalism which will ensure efficiency.

The experience was an eye-opener really it gave me a feel of the work environment which I’m grateful for.


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