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At first I was nervous to enter the work environment as this was my first time. Lucky for me the team here at immedia are extremely friendly and welcoming.

I have been assigned a great mentor, Ntobza, who is brilliant in his field of web development. I have some background in web development from my studies at varsity college and Ntobza has introduced me to new languages and in just 3 short days he hosted my first web page! http://asheermovie.azurewebsites.net/ (Best viewed on pc)

The sessions immedia has organised for us were intriguing and sparked an energetic conversation in each session thus far.

The open plan structure of the office has allowed me to liaise with other members of immedia and discuss various areas of software development.

I am sad that this is my final day at immedia but I will definitely do all I can to join this amazing team!

P.S This is my first blog!

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